innoconv-mintmod is mainly used on Linux machines. It might work on Mac OS, Windows/Cygwin/WSL. You are invited to share experiences in doing so.


The only dependencies you have to provide yourself is Pandoc and the Python interpreter.

All others can be installed into a Virtual environment.

Python interpreter

While other versions of Python might work fine, innoconv-mintmod was tested with Python 3.7. Make sure you have it installed.


You need to make sure to have a recent version of the pandoc binary available in PATH (Pandoc at the time of writing). There are several ways on installing Pandoc.

Virtual environment

Setup and activate a virtual environment in a location of your choice.

$ python3 -m venv venv
$ source venv/bin/activate

Install innoconv-mintmod in your virtual environment using pip.

$ pip install --process-dependency-links -e git+

If everything went fine you should now have access to the innoconv-mintmod command.

$ innoconv-mintmod
usage: innoconv-mintmod [-h] [-o OUTPUT_DIR_BASE]
                        [-f {latex+raw_tex,markdown}]
                        [-t {html5,json,latex,markdown,asciidoc}] [-l {de,en}]
                        [-d] [-i] [-r] [-s]
innoconv-mintmod: error: the following arguments are required: source