How to use innoconv-mintmod

You can run the converter in your content directory.

$ innoconv-mintmod .

This will trigger the conversion for this folder.

Command line arguments

usage: innoconv_mintmod [-h] [-o OUTPUT_DIR_BASE]
                        [-f {latex+raw_tex,markdown}]
                        [-t {html5,json,latex,markdown,asciidoc}] [-l {de,en}]
                        [-d] [-i] [-r] [-g]

Positional Arguments


content directory or file

Named Arguments

-o, --output-dir-base

output base directory

Default: “./innoconv_mintmod_output”

-f, --from

Possible choices: latex+raw_tex, markdown

input format

Default: “latex+raw_tex”

-t, --to

Possible choices: html5, json, latex, markdown, asciidoc

output format

Default: “markdown”

-l, --language-code

Possible choices: de, en

two-letter language code

Default: “de”

-d, --debug

debug mode (output HTML and highlight unknown commands)

Default: False

-i, --ignore-exercises

don’t show logs for unknown exercise commands/envs

Default: False

-r, --remove-exercises

remove all exercise commands/envs

Default: False

-g, --generate-innodoc

split sections and generate manifest.yaml

Default: True