Convenience functions and classes for creating common elements.

class innoconv_mintmod.mintmod_filter.elements.Question(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Wrapper/Factory class that inherits from pf.Element and will return pf.Code instances, with special classes and attributes, depending on the given mintmod class.

static parse_args(cmd_args, *names)[source]

Parse exercise arguments.

Receive a list of argument names and a list of values and return a pandoc conformant argument array containing element’s arguments. In other words: take a list of arguments and make them named arguments for easier referencing.

innoconv_mintmod.mintmod_filter.elements.create_content_box(elem_content, elem_classes, lang)[source]

Create a content box.

Convenience function for creating content boxes that only differ by having diffent content and classes.

innoconv_mintmod.mintmod_filter.elements.create_header(title_str, doc, level=0, parse_text=False, identifier='')[source]

Create a header element.

Because headers need to be referenced by later elements, references to the last found header is remembered.

innoconv_mintmod.mintmod_filter.elements.create_image(filename, descr, elem, add_descr=True, block=True)[source]

Create an image element.